About Us

Neway Development specializes in the conversion of forest to farmland, commercial real estate and residential real estate. Our unique equipment and land clearing system provides a quality clearing experience for our customers. Neway’s clearing system is designed to provide a competitive clearing cost per acre when compared to traditional land clearing operations.


As a customer driven company with a dedication to customer satisfaction, Neway thrives on the design and continuous improvement of the equipment and systems we incorporate into our land clearing operation.

A Brief History

Neway Development began in 2010 when we were converting 2000 acres of forestland into farmland. With extensive experience in land and timber management, high production logging, road building, shop maintenance, real estate and farming we had the equipment and abilities needed to convert forest to farmland, however the traditional clearing methods proved too costly. The company was birthed based on a statement made during a planning meeting… “There must be a better way to clear land”. This simple statement lead to the creation of a unique vertical stump grinding device and a support clearing system that has transformed the land clearing industry.  With over 4000 acres of land clearing behind us we are looking forward to providing our customers with a fast, quality driven, cost competitive, environmentally friendly and safe land clearing experience.

In order to continue growing our land conversion business and focus on the design and creation of  innovative equipment,  Neway  recently entered into an agreement with Caterpillar to manufacture,  market and sell our unique stump grinding device. This agreement frees Neway to not only focus on growing the land conversion portion of our business but also allows us to continue developing new innovative equipment to meet the needs of our customers.  A recently designed implement trailer has been completed and is ready for manufacture.  See this innovative trailer in the video section of this website. Stay tuned for additional innovations in the future.

Neway has quickly emerged as the leader in Forest to Farmland conversions.